The OilBud™ oil cooler is built from aircraft quality materials, braided stainless hoses and 6061-T6 aluminum extrusion and welded in header tank assembly. The temperature regulator starts to open when oil temps hit 185°F and fully opens at 200° F. Temperature differentials from the cold to the hot side of the cooler have been measured at more than 35°F.

The OilBud™ oil cooler fits between the frame rails of your Harley, and once mounted under the motorcycle, it is virtually undetectable. It is designed for 2000-2014 model years Harley Touring, Harley Tri Glide (same mounting as the Touring model), 1999-2014 Harley Softail, including ABS models and 1999-2014 Harley Dyna. It is easily installed with no major retrofits required. The OilBud™ cooler element does not hang below the frame rails on the Touring, Tri Glide or Softail. The OilBud™also works with the NEW water-cooled engines.

Due to Dyna frame design, the cooler element cannot go between the frame rails. However, it is higher than the scrap guard that protects the engine crank-case. Because of the durability of the OilBud™ and how it is mounted to the bike, the rear cooler element on the Dyna can be used as a jack point.


*If your bike has aftermarket products or ABS like the Softail, be sure to check the descriptions while you shop. Call if you have fitment questions or issues: 1-406-457-2458

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